Radha Mohan 17 July Monday Written Update | English

Radha Mohan Written Update for May 17, 2023: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Update on Radha Mohan’s writing

In the opening scene of the Radha Mohan episode for May 17, 2023, Radha is standing on a rack while being blasted by two funnels with extremely chilly air.

Radha shivers as she stands in the freezing air, telling herself she can’t let herself down and that she needs to find another way out of the freezer.

She finds a foiling paper, though, and decides to use it to seal the funnel mouth.

Her legs start to tremble from the continuous temperature drops as she chooses the rapper who is trying to foil her.

The funnel is difficult for Radha to close, and the steel tool on which she is standing seems to be wobbling.

She is pleased with herself after closing one funnel.

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